You can wear loose pullover or baggy sweatpants

Comfortable, baggy clothing

27 September 2016 Admin 0

All too often I hear people say “I want to look great, but I’d rather be comfortable”. These two aren’t necessarily opposed. I’ve heard people […]

Tips for tall ladies

26 September 2016 Admin 0

If you want to add more of an impact to your outfit as a tall woman, you can start by using colors or patterns. You […]

Why women wear high heels?

19 September 2016 Admin 0

Many women in western society want to look thin since this is the beauty standard in North America and Europe. In many other countries, the […]

Tips on tights

15 September 2016 Admin 0

I think at this point every lady has a pair of black tights in her drawers. And it is hardly surprising – they’re snug, they […]