Fake fur is back!

Faux Fur coats for you and customers

Remember this weird cheap polyester fake fur that was all the rage in the 90s? Turns out that so do major fashion designers. Faux fur is back in style – new technology made it better, softer, more pliant – and it looks way better.

Beautiful woman in fake fur coat
Fake fur can be very realistic

Now, we understand there are many customers and indeed, many retailers, who are opposed to the fur on moral reason – but it’s worth remembering that fake fur is not exactly environmentally friendly. It’s made of nylons and polyesters which could take ages to decompose, unlike animal fur – and you should also consider that some animals like rabbits or beavers must be hunted (not bred) to stop their overpopulation. Suddenly, faux fur does not seem like the most environmentally friendly option. It’s likely that if you’re a vegan, you will embrace faux fur in your boutique, but be wary that even other green customers might not accept even the fake fur.

Even designers use fake fur

Regardless of anything, people opposed to fur but still wanting to keep warm and stylish now have fake fur as a viable option. It has appeared in the autumn collections of top line designers: the late Sonia Rykiel, Dries Van Noten, and Stella McCartney. Giorgio Armani has recently promised to completely abandon natural fur in his future collections. With mink and rabbit coats costing thousands of dollars, faux fur might also be more affordable… although the designer Shrimps jackets can start at $600 dollars.

The soft and fuzzy modacrylic that’s now used instead of cheap polyester in the 90s is a great substitute for fur, and it is now more lightweight, washable, resistant to moths and parasites, very realistic, and furthermore it can also easily be dyed in virtually any color and pattern, creating fuzzy, warm patches of long hair, impossible with real fur. This now has made faux fur also acceptable for men – who since the 70s very rarely sported a fur coat, unless they were rappers or Russian or Russian rappers.

Men’s faux fur might be a full blown coat or jacket – but might be limited to a warm fur coat lining or collar to keep you warm during these winter months. These can be dyed to resemble natural (or very exotic like leopard print) fur patterns – but the designers can also go wild, using a veritable rainbow of colours and patterns.Woman in faux fur coat

Women can also enjoy the wide variety of faux fur colors, textures, and patterns ranging from neon pink and black stripes to floral patterns. Paired with a flowy blouse and skinny jeans they create a volume effect – or vice versa, with a tight sweater and boyfriend jeans. A fuzzy vest, coat or hat can be an amazing accessory, and it can also serve as a wonderful lining of winter boots.

In short, in this winter season, look for fake fur trimmings and coats – the hitherto used bulky jackets were warm, but not particularly flattering. With all the opportunities offered by the faux fur, it sounds wrong not to embrace it nor allow it to your customers. If you want to sell winter coats wholesale, consider these tips for improvement of your store.

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