How to look great at the gym?

baggy sweatpants and nice sneakersDo you want to look good at the gym? Look no further. These days, it’s also an occasion to dress up, and put on some nice workout threads. More and more celebrities wear designer hoodies or baggy sweatpants, and if you want to follow them (and who doesn’t) you too, could wear athletic clothes to the gym. Many Brands like Aether, Paul Smit 531, Ovadia & Sons, Under Armour, and Outdoor Voices are somewhere between expensive gym attire and streetwear. These are casual clothes that make you still look good. Here are a few tips you can use to improve your gym wardrobe.

Start with better clothes. If your motivation for dressing nicer at the gym is to feel better, avoid hiding your body in baggy sweatpants and sweatshirt. Take a look at cuts and styles that will fit you perfectly, since wearing nicely fit clothes makes it also easier for you to work out. Many top designers have active wear lines, and these are also perfect for after-the-gym action.

Second, you might have to buy better sneakers. New lines of performance sneakers are getting released each year, and they often have useful features for all kinds of workouts. Padded soles, cushions, snugger fit… the possibilities are limitless and they work great!

Take care of the uniform appearance – you might buy a complete set of sweatsuit, you can even buy many baggy sweatpants wholesale, or purchase many options of the same stale. Stick with a basic color palette, preferably dark. Wear a dark tee under the sweatshirt. Have a warm, baggy sweatpants’ pair for the cold months.

woman in baggy sweatpants and tracksuitAnd finally, get a new washable gym bag you can machine wash with your other clothes. This is very practical especially during summer – you can throw your baggy sweatpants there and walk home in shorts.

When exercising, you need to dress nicely – when you look good, you feel good. If you still have second thoughts about going to gym, here’s an interesting article about clothes I’ve found!

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