Should you wear baggy sweatpants to work?

Should you wear baggy sweatpants to work? Well, it’s always important to understand the culture of your workplace, whether it’s academic, advertising, finance and adjust. Nothing expresses the sense of belonging more than the uniformed sense of unification with the people you’re working with. You will become very credible if you will provide them with enough proof that you indeed belong to their group.In my experience, a lot of groups will provide you with enough leeway to wear loose, baggy sweatpants to work.

Instead of baggy sweatpants you can wear no pants

I also noticed that the more famous and influential the person is, the worse they could dress. I’ve seen CEOs looking like bums with dirty shirts and baggy sweatpants. Why? Because they can afford to look poor, because their claim to fame is their achievements and influence, and not a nice suit. So should you dress for success? Many studies show that your appearance influences achievements if you dress like a million dollars you will achieve a lot more than someone in dirty, baggy sweatpants. You shouldn’t blend in, if you want to rise above the rest it pays to dress up above that level.

You can experiment with baggy sweatpants or fur

If you dress casually, people will treat you casually. Avoid wearing baggy sweatpants and you will be treated much more formally, appreciated. But if you wear loose tracksuit pants for men – well, if you’re a freelancer or a college student it might be okay. You needn’t wear a jacket or tie, but instead aim for the third quarter – not one of the richest, not the poorest, not the average. For many wearing baggy sweatpants outside of house or gym is just an unforgivable offense, you abandon the norms, so remember this when preparing for work. Many people want to network and this will help you dress well – you need to impress your prospective contrast.

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