Tips on tights

I think at this point every lady has a pair of black tights in her drawers. And it is hardly surprising – they’re snug, they keep our legs warm, and they are very versatile. But black or tanned pantyhose is not be-all-end-all, and once in a while, we want something more colorful! Reds, purples, blues, and greens can brighten up any day, and spice up even the blandest outfit! You can look for great tights wholesale, to find a massive palette of this colorful pantyhose. Here is a couple of tips on how to include these colorful or patterned patterns in your recent outfits.

Legs or fragments? There was a time where showing ankles was very scandalous, buTights and stockings are a great find in any storet hey, if you still feel that showing your entire leg clad in heart-pattern tights feels odd, you don’t have to wear mini skirts. You might want to cover them with a longer, till-the-knee dress or/and long boots, but make sure not to completely cover your colorful tights – otherwise, what would be the entire point to wear them?

If you want your tights to stand out, make the other colors in your outfit more balanced. Wear pastels, neutrals, and various simple prints to confront the vivid, colorful tights and legs. You can also enrich the outfit with two bold colors; for instance blue and purple, purple and pink, and leaving the rest of your costume for greiges, whites, black and grays.

Black tights make your legs look slender – but patterned tights can have the opposite effect. Avoid the vertical stripes – and even if you do happen to have athletic legs, you might look like a five-year-old on her way to kindergarten. Don’t use flat heels with colorful pantyhose, embrace the platform shoes or medium heel – but once again, the colorful tights make you look (and feel, hopefully) younger, and so very high heels might be inappropriate, and confusing for your partners.


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