Why women wear high heels?

Many women in western society want to look thin since this is the beauty standard in North America and Europe. In many other countries, the more curvaceous figure is alluring because these women look more feminine, more well-fed and healthier.  But in the European Union and in the USA the media and the rich, powerful people known as celebrities accentuate the need for thin silhouette even though the food is cheap and readily available there.

High-heeled shoes

Many women in the West want to look good so they turn to things like plastic surgery, they get diseases like anorexia and bulimia, and of course they dress to look as tallest and thinnest as possible. High heel shoes make women taller, and thinner and most men and women accept this standard of beauty. That’s why high heels are beloved by women, adding a couple of inches to their height. Women are of course usually shorter than men, and extra centimeters add to their height, which in the professional environment makes them more visible… And of course, they can reach things on top shelves!

Many slimming clothes are tight – is a woman is not already quite thin, they can create a bulging effect, making you “pour out”. High heels don’t have this problem, of course for many plus-sized women they can cause some problems but as a general rule heels are more slimming.High-heels can be very attractive

High heels are also seen as more formal. If you wear sneakers to your gym or T-shirt you look casual – but adding high heels you instantly jazz up. They add a feminine touch to suits. They are also seen as very sexy – both by men and women who look at you and by the wearer. They change your stance, making the calves more pronounced, and accentuating the female curves. And finally, they aren’t expensive. In the rich countries of the West, you can buy high heeled shoes wholesale – and save a lot of money doing so!

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