How to dress for exercise?

Wear baggy sweatpants to gym!Exercise is hard work, so there’s no wonder many try to stay away. But thanks to power of fashion you can change a woman into a real pro athlete. The first choice I made was to always wear lipstick to the gym. I have to admit, I care deeply about my appearance, and so I need to look my absolutely best. Looking good when exercising helps you focus on the activity. There’s no difference whether being in the gym or exercising outside – I always want to look my best when exercising.

I personally think that women should abandon baggy sweatpants and oversized shirts. Dressing in old clothes when exercising isn’t flattering at all. The way woman dresses for exercising influences her motivations, not just her comfort. Wearing form-fitting clothes instead of baggy sweatpants doesn’t influence your figure, and helps you focus on the progress. Even getting out of the door is very easy if you wear workout clothes you love.

When I buy my baggy sweatpants I never buy cotton, preferring synthetic fabric. I don’t sweat as much in synthetic because cotton doesn’t get drenched in sweat – which is very annoying when the weather is cold. Synthetic clothes don’t shrink and if they are washed in warm water they can last forever.

Sukienki damskieIf you want to pick clothes that will make you look thin, buy exercise pants that are black, synthetic and high waisted. Unlike baggy sweatpants, high-waisted pants don’t show jiggling. The more durable material the better, and black makes legs look more sleek. Avoid underwear, snug your joggers directly on your logs. Likewise your shirts should be long sleeved, zipped, and you should wear synthetic t-shirt under it. Colorful clothes are far more motivating than darks, though. Red accents like red jacket or stripes on your baggy sweatpants can motivate you a lot. But don’t wear light gray or darker beige clothing because any sweat marks will be visible. Pick the style of clothes you fill great in and match colors to your personal appearance.

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