College – time to dress well!

College is a time when you are mature enough to responsibly experiment with your dress and style. Twenty-something girls might discover new trends and look at themselves with a certain distance. When you want to look good in college, you need to start with the clothes you feel comfortable with. Start with simple and smart clothes, and mix and match them according to your preferences.

tuck cheap t-shirts wholesale under a denim jacketIf you want to start wearing fancy tops, you should wear correct fits, bright colors, and rich variety of prints. Sure, graphic t-shirts aren’t particularly revealing nor flattering, but they make you look smart and funny. You can bond with many new friends over this, and they can be very amusing. Pick also good, colorful tank tops, blouses, and shirts. Some colleges offer custom T-shirts which they get by buying cheap T-shirts wholesale.

Match the bottom to the top. Go for correct fit, use a variety of colors, and select fabrics that feel durable and thicker. Jeans should be a little bit stretchy, and give you room. You could try different wash, color, and fits. Stonewashed, ripped jeans are great, but you should match them with various leggings. Another variety of bottoms are skirts, wrap around or trousers other than jeans (cargo pants, cotton, linen or even corduroy). Avoid pajama pants or similar baggy sweatpants. Wear loose clothes, like palazzos, Bermudas, or trendy asymmetric skirts.

The alternative bottom is, of course, a dress. Many women love wearing dresses and skirts. You can look for different lengths, prints or fabrics. A midi skirt is a nice compromise for your classes – you can still look attractive, and modest.

Add a couple of simple accessories, like a watch, a bracelet, earrings or rings on your fingers. A brooch can look more serious or final. Add some reasonable shoes, but don’t wear heels for every occasion. Sneakers or sports shoes are decent enough for college, but sometimes you need to dress up more formally, for exams or other tests.

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