Tips for tall ladies

wholesale jeans for women can be replaced by body paintIf you want to add more of an impact to your outfit as a tall woman, you can start by using colors or patterns. You can wear contrasting colors for your top and bottom, which would embarass a shorter lady. Tall women also have an advantage of being able to wear and use larger accessories, like rings, brooches or handbags… and if you want to, you can also wear more of them – more rings, more necklaces or bracelets – which can definitely bring balance to your height. If you want to add even more height to your frame, you could wear heeled pumps, and stand up straight. Don’t hunch over.


You can go big in general – you can focus on large-scale prints for blocky outfits like overcoats, long dresses or pullovers, enjoy big blocky geometrical shapes and vivid colors. These look great on tall ladies, but if you’re wide, you might reconsider. You can also wear wide-leg pants, to increase the feel of flowing fabrics. Flowing fabrics like capes or ponchos look great on tall frames, and can add a lot to your outfit – in fact, they look better on taller ladies than on any other figure type. Proportion is everything – you can choose a flowing poncho that reaches your elbows – shorter one will look skimpy on you.


If you want to wear elegant suit jackets, you can try ones with sleeves that are three-quarter length or roll them up. It’s inelegant to wear long sleeved suit jackets for women if you’re tall, and they come over your palms. If your jacket is too short or cropped, you can add a longer blouse or T-shirt under it. Tops hanging from under jackets and cardigans are currently very fashionable, and can work for both tall and short ladies. It’s best to wear a contrasting shirt – for instance very bright colors under a dark jacket, if you want to place the viewer’s attention.


Similarly, you can roll up your skinny jeans if they end up in a “wrong place”, it’s enough to roll them once or twice. There are only a couple of retailers that offer wholesale jeans for women in large sizes, but sometimes you need to buy jeans online.

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