Comfortable, baggy clothing

You can wear loose pullover or baggy sweatpants

You can wear loose pullover or baggy sweatpantsAll too often I hear people say “I want to look great, but I’d rather be comfortable”. These two aren’t necessarily opposed. I’ve heard people claim that they need to be comfortable all day, whether they are soccer moms, office workers, teachers or college students who have to spend long days on campus. I personally think that you can both look stunning and have the comfort you deserve. And by the comfort, I mean actual, pleasurable feel – not just merely the absence of discomfort. If something is comparable to your old, worn tennis shoe you’d never throw out, this kind of clothing is definitely comfortable.

Baggy sweatpants are probably the most comfortable type of pants, being effectively a pair of yoga pants. A close second are the worn jeans – but do they look good? Perhaps a more comfortable choice will be bootcut jeans that are delightful, having elastic waist and stretch material. If your clothes are good enough to run in, they’re automatically very comfy! Denim is stereotypically tough, but soft, stretchy denim, possibly with a bit different blend of elastane or cotton, doesn’t have to be! Skinny jeans or more baggy clothes can actually be snug and cozy!

Likewise, a dress doesn’t have to hurt your waist. It can be soft and stretchy and work well, Jersey dresses can be customized easily, perhaps with a decent jacket, blazer, vest or cardigan. Shorter jersey skirts can be matched with tough-looking boots or riding boots. They’re versatile, and can be easily worn if you need to be comfortable.

A comfortable top doesn’t have to be a T-shirt, you can use a tank top or a more strict blouse that nevertheless allows natural airflow and lets your skin breathe. Toss a blazer or a comfortable elegant suit jacket for women over it, and you can look stunning and feel fantastic. A cute sweater is the perfect top – a pullover or cardigan if you don’t want to mess up your hair.


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