Don’t wear sweatpants to college!

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don't wear wholesale sweatpantsSo the academic year has now started for good worldwide, and a lot of university or college students are now starting to go to their lectures and classes. What are the main reasons not to wear sweatpants to class?

Well, the chief reason is that you’re not a complete berk. If you have elementary fashion sense, you will understand that the purpose of the sweatpants is exercise, jogging or loungewear. I wouldn’t be seen dead in my sweatpants… and okay, maybe I did pop down to the store to get some cream or onions when I had no other options and didn’t want to dress up particularly… but dammit, this does not excuse you (or me) from dressing like a civilized human being and wearing at least some proper pants, jeans or a dress. I don’t even have a massive collection of sweatpants wholesale – just one or two pairs.

And even if you’re still only partially mature (so, let’s face it, a college student), you have no excuse. Education is work – even if it’s you or the government that pays for it. You don’t come to work in sweatpants, period.

Even if you want to feel comfortable, there are many other options. Let’s just take yoga pants – less baggy and more fit, tapered down the bottom. At least you look like you tried. And there are many other varieties like leggings – especially combined with the more comfortable tops. You can try more stylish treggings or jeggings – or simply a pair of elastic skinny jeans.

This all grants comfort and is far more stylish than baggy sweatpants. And if you still like it baggy, why not try palazzo pants? They are basically larger pajama pants, acceptable – trendy, even — in public. Don’t be that girl, the one who looks like she buys sweatpants wholesale just to save 1% off.

Dressing up is really a morning ritual, as important as a cup of coffee. You need to shower, brush your teeth, get coffee, find your books and computer, and make yourself beautiful every day – and don’t tell me it doesn’t kickstart your day. This will come in handy after college… where the real troubles start.

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