Commuting by bike – fashion faux pas?

You don't have to buy shorts wholesale

Biking in shirts wholesaleMany of us decide to live a more active life and decide to ride a bike to and from work. And then, of course, arises a more casual issue: what to wear? Many women are too afraid to bike in more elegant clothing; not unlike Supergirl, they change before and after work from their sweaty shirts. You can get a lot of mileage if you get your shirts wholesale. It also prevents some wearing out of the biking pants – they can wear out a hole eventually. I’ve heard of people joining a gym close to their work, just to be able to shower there! And many women need a sports bra for biking – otherwise, this can get painful.

If you predict that you’ll be biking home after dark, invest in high-visibility clothes. Most of them are ugly, poorly made and by definition draw attention. But many women tend to discard them entirely, and that’s not the best way. Sometimes you need to be visible on the road. Many sports good stores buy hundreds of fluorescent shirts wholesale. Speaking of appearance, if you have to wear a helmet where you live, do so, and change your hairdo to fit the helmet… It’s necessary. Women with long hair can simply keep a brush at work, to balance some extra sweat.

The general rule is: If your commute is less than 30 minutes, wear what you would wear at work. You can have a full suit of lycra, special shoes, but if you exercise regularly, you can do it in your shoes (obviously not high heels), elegant pants and jacket. Why? It saves time, you don’t have to dress, and if you use the right antiperspirant, your sweat will be not visible.

You don’t need a lot of specialized gear. Don’t wear jackets during the autumn, because the exercise will warm you up. When you arrive at work, you’ll be warm enough to wear office clothes. On cold winter days, you could put up a wool coat and/or heavy boots. You can wear a skirt for biking, but wear a special guard or a safety pin to keep yourself from unnecessary flashes.

And there’s naturally a fashion look. Do you want to look like a dedicated biker (dressed in reflective plastic, bright yellow, sweaty and bedecked with gadgets) or like a commuter or an upscale hip professional? Save your money, don’t buy your dedicated pants or shirts wholesale – instead, invest in a good rain jacket or a pair of sunglasses… or just take a bus. What’s more important for your appearance on the bicycle is not the clothes – but a pair of fenders! You don’t want to get mud on your clothes!

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