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wholesale tunicWhat is a tunic? Well, I think of a Renaissance Fair-style long garb, but of course, I buy wholesale tunics for my daily needs as well. It’s a simple long, loose-fitting sweater or shirt that extend downward, past your hips and butt. It’s a combination of a shirt (or a sweatshirt, or a sweater…) and a dress. Some even call it “mini-dresses”.

What are wholesale tunics?

Tunics are long, flowy tops – and thus they should be paired with a lean, skinny bottom to create a very proportional outfit. If you pick up a tunic that complements your figure, of your favorite color, fabric or pattern, you are already there. The hemline should end mid-thigh so that you could show off some leg. Match it with skinny pants, like skinny jeans, cords, jeggings or treggings, or yes, even a pair of thick or plain leggings. This look is best matched with tall boots, ballet flats of heels. And if you want to, you can accessorize with a chunky necklace or a scarf, and a large bag. You could obtain some wholesale tunics for low cost.

How to wear elegant tunics?

Alternatively, you could embrace the dressiness of the tunic. Pick out a long one, that would cover your bottom. It’s best worn with a belt or a sash, and wholesale tunics are easy to customize. And since it is a dress, avoid too much attention to your bottom. Pick a pair of tights instead, like nylons, patterned tights or sweater tights. To balance it out, wear a pair of boots – which makes this outfit great for fall or winter. And accessorize it with a jacket, necklaces or scarves.

And if you feel uneasy not wearing any bottom, you could replace the nylons with a pair of shorts or a skirt – especially during the summer. A light, flowy tunic is great for the hot months, naturally worn with sandals or heels. Accessorize it with a delicate necklace, a light shawl or a casual bag.

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