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I personally think that shopping is a form of sport. Before the game starts I see myself as a coach, preparing for the big game – and I seek to maximize my point gain, strategize and consider what I can gain and what I could lose. But I am an experienced, seasoned player – and thus I can act as a coach to others. And there’s an important player in the team who is not, exactly, your enemy. The sales person.

shop assistant can help you order wholesale sweatpants and other clothesWho is the saleswoman

Sales assistant, salesman or woman, sales associate… the titles can vary, and my favorite is waitrons or clothes delivery technician. Seriously though, these are good people who are there not to force you to buy wholesale sweatpants but to assist you when shopping. Don’t be hostile to them – you might not need their help, but do be polite when they offer it. 

Sure – there are times when we all hate this overly polite questioning “How can I help you, can I offer you new jeans, do you have a store card”… but we really can’t forget one simple thing: it’s their job. If they don’t do it, they will get fired. It’s that simple. And you should treat them politely – because if you do, they are more likely to help you. If you smile, even use their names, they might search the backroom for the item you’re looking for or direct you to another store in chain.

Why it pays to be a decent person

Some time ago I went shopping and found the perfect leather bomber jacket – a bit too small for me. I didn’t behave like a spoiled princess and ordered the sales assistant beheaded… I talked to her for a while, waited a moment when she was finished with her job. Then, she was kind enough to look at the different store and ordered it online for me for free. Wholesale sweatpants can also be ordered in this way! I asked if I could recommend her to her superior, give her some kind of reward for this – and she said it’s okay. I’d say that this is a way to be kind to others – they aren’t just trying to make a living. We all should be nice to each other, in store, on the streets, and in daily life!

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