Buying shirts – a short guide

wholesale women's shirtsEveryone needs an elegant dressy shirt, whether a worker or a student, man or woman, white or black, retail or wholesale women’s shirts. It’s vital for first impressions like job interviews, business meetings, dates and social gatherings. So invest in the right shirt, inspect its quality and make sure it fits right.

Colors and patterns

The first decision you can make is how many shirts to buy – three or four is okay for a man or a woman. Don’t turn into a buyer of wholesale women’s shirts. And then decide on the color. Different colors work better for specific engagements or occasions. For work, especially in high-profile choices, dress conservatively, picking a white shirt, but light gray or near-white (ivory, ecru) or light blue are also safe. If you work in a more casual field, you might pick other colors, like blue, green or gray and in some cases play with patterns – stripes or plaid work great here. And for social outings, choose bright, unusual colors, bright greens or oranges.

Then you need to pick your patterns. I think most of your dress shirts should be solid since they’re easiest to match and more appropriate for business position or official date. You can wear any kind of tie with a solid shirt.  That’s why any producer will tell you that wholesale women’s shirts that are solid-colored are much more popular. Patterned shirts are a bit more difficult to match with ties, work better with lower-level office jobs. Some patterns like subtle stripes or pinstripes can work in more official context, though. And you should never match patterned shirt with a patterned tie… well almost never. If you do, pick two very different patterns – subtle pinstripes on the shirt and floral motifs on the shirt, for example.

Fits and fibers

wholesale women's shirtsYou wrap your tie around your collar, and so you need to decide whether you want a pointed or spreaded collars – the spread is wider, more “horizontal” than the regular one. Female collars come in a lot more varieties. If you have a longer face, maybe you want to use it to round it more, visually.

Pick the fit of your shirt:

  • slim fit or tailored fit is tight around the chest. It has no excess fabric around the back and sides.  If you’re skinny or want to seem sleek, go with slim fit.
  • athletic fit is, as the name implied, showing off your physique. If you have muscular chest and arms, go with it.
  • Broad fit has a lot of fabric “hanging out” – unlike the above two, it’s definitely always worn tucked in. It’s good especially if you’re a larger man or woman.

And finally, pick the fabric and the weave of your shirt. Most of the commercial silks are made either of cotton or shirt. Very few of them are made of silk or synthetic blends – and if you can afford these, you should know how to shop for silks! Linen is a very strong fiber, and does a worse job absorbing liquids, but retains more heat. It works great for fall or winter. Cotton is soft, and works better for formal settings – but check whether the shirt is 100% cotton! Many unethical producers disguise this when peddling their wholesale women’s shirts.

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