Trick to make breasts appear bigger

wholesale push-up brassieresSome women want to show off their assets – like their cleavage. But even if you’re not well-endowed, you might want to seem sexy. Cleavage visually enhances the bust and can make the smaller chest appear fuller. With a little effort, every lady will be able to show some cleavage. You don’t have to buy millions of wholesale push-up brassieres to look pretty.

The most important is the right bra. A good bra supports and lifts your breasts and will increase the amount of cleavage you show. There are many factors in measuring bra size, so you might want to talk to a professional bra fitter or a tailor. Bras with underwire give your breasts some natural boost – but it will fell a lot less comfortable. You can enlarge your bust line with bra inserts, whether silicone ones (the so-called “chicken cutlets”) or less realistic fabric or foam ones. But the best non-invasive solution is probably the so-called push-up bra. It has some inbuilt padding at the bottom of the cup, that simply enhances your bustline. The best push-up bras cup the breast properly and don’t overwhelm your bustline.

There are various tricks you can try with your push-up bras, like twisting them, creating the so-called Mobius bras. This will reduce its spread but not cup size and bring them closer together. You could also use a bobby pin, a paper clip or some other tool to fasten the two back straps of your bra together, which will also create the lifting effect. And you could wear two bras – the inner one will push your breasts together, and the outer one will provide lift – like a push-up bra. This is a neat trick which will provide the comfortable feel.

And if you don’t want to invest in wholesale push-up brassieres, you can use other tricks. Start with wearing clothes with a lower neckline – especially V-necklines which supports and frames your cleavage. A narrow waist will help you develop upper body and wider hips – and you can get professional help from a tailor.

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