How to iron your trousers

Any men’s trousers wholesaler will tell you that ironing clothes is tiring, but it’s essential if you want that sleek, elegant look.  Get your pair of pants, and iron them!

First of all, check the tag on your trousers and look whether you need to iron them at all. The tag should tell you what you need to know, and in general, you should hesitate before ironing clothes made out of polyester or similar synthetic blends. Wool and similar blends require lower heat settings (one dot) while you should iron cotton at hotter temperatures (three dots). If you’re baffled by the tag, ask the men’s trousers wholesaler or retailer for's trousers wholesaler will know how to iron clothes

Get your iron and fill the steam compartment with water. Turn the iron on and set it to the temperature based on the type of fabric you’re ironing. Many irons have info like “wool”, “denim” placed on the dial. Look at the tag, instruction manual etc.

I personally start ironing pants by turning the pockets inside out and ironing them – if they’re wrinkled and not ironed properly, they will crease the pants even more. And I don’t risk accidentally ironing some candy in pockets and whatever have you…

Start ironing your trousers from waist – slide them so that the legs hang from the ironing board, and press the waistband down by putting the iron down and pulling it up. Don’t “slide” it, just “stomp”. Keep the pockets pulled out and iron flat the pleats at the waistband.

Work down each pant legs – usually, they don’t have a ton of wrinkles, but you should remove them. Go down each pant leg, evening it out, and set the iron down on any wrinkle. Iron both the back and front and the back of the pants. If you want creased pants, even them out, ironing exactly on the inseam of the pants.

After they’re ready, fold them when they cool down to prevent them from forming new creases. You can hang your dress trousers with the rest of the suit.

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