VPL – Visible Panty Lines

wholesale women's pantiesVPL in the fash business stands for Visible Panty Lines. Sometimes you want to see this sleek, sexy look in the mirror… only to have it immediately ruined by the appearance of your panties. What’s the solution to this problem? You can buy as many pairs of panties as possible, maybe from a wholesale women’s panties dealer. Or you can just listen to us! Well, here are some guidelines I like to personally use to create that seamless look.

The most obvious and the initial hint is to purchase panties that fit! They can’t be too tight, or else they will dig into your skin, hurting you and cutting into your skin. And if you choose underwear that’s too loose, they will wrinkle up inside your clothes, creating some wrinkles and bumps. The underwear must support your butt, and cover things that need covering. Instead of panties, you can consider thongs – they don’t show lines, and make the perfect choice if you don’t want to show these panty lines. They aren’t the most comfortable, but if you want to rock that tight pants, they’re the best option… maybe except going commando! If you will sit and squat, sometimes your thong lines might show. Wear high waisted pants, skirts, and long shirts.

Look for seamless panties – they look and feel like they’re made out of a single piece. Some are laser cut, but aren’t very breathable, being made from elastic and fabric. They might not be available in every store – look at one that buys wholesale women’s panties from good suppliers. Your panties should also match your skin tone – use peach-tones if you’re white, and match them to your other complexion. Black underwear might be sexy but everyone will see it if you wear bright-colored pants! And indeed, you can try to go commando if you wear your pants and wash it before and after each use – I wouldn’t dare to advise it if you’re going to wear skirts and dresses.

Add another layer over your panties if you still find some panty lines. Try shapewear which will smooth out any bulges, another layer of tights or pantyhose, or a thin slip – but avoid ones with lacy details. And if you really have trouble with panty lines – lay off the skinny jeans, and wear a little bit thicker clothes. Steer clear of see-through pants, in any case; any thin layer should be opaque.

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