Bleached T-shirts!

cheap t shirts wholesaleBleach is not just a Japanese anime. You probably have used it for many ways, as a disinfectant, to remove stain… but its most common use is to whiten clothes. It’s easy to bleach a shirt, but you could also use the bleach to customize it, by spraying on some pattern. That’s why if you want to sell cheap t shirts wholesale you need to have plenty of bleach. Let’s look at the simplest use of the bleach – you have a colorful garment you want to turn white.

Look at the label. Most bleaches on market are chlorine-based, but some garments require oxygen bleaches or hydrogen peroxide to bleach them, and some other t-shirts can’t be bleached at all. They can react with the chemicals in the synthetic fibers, and this can be dangerous… for the garment, at least.

Wash the garments you want to bleach in the washing machine, with the appropriate amount of detergent… and add half of a cup of bleach, pouring it in the dispenser or directly into the bubbly water. Do it before you add the clothes, to avoid bleach sports. Let the machine run for about five minutes. Then, put the shirts you want to whiten in the washer! When it’s clean, examine it – sometimes you’ll want to bleach it once again.

But if you want to, you can use bleach to DIY and customize your own shirt. You’ll need a stencil, spray adhesive and an empty spray bottle you won’t use anymore. Of course, you’ll need a shirt – if you want to start out your own business, you can cheap t shirts wholesale here. Lay your shirt on a table (use some protection, like a tarp or an old bed sheet), and stick a piece of cardboard inside the shirt for safety. Flatten the shirt to get rid of any wrinkles. Then, gently attach your stencil to the shirt, using spray adhesive or a painter’s tape.

Pour some bleach into your spray bottle, and set the spray to the finest mist possible. Then, apply it gently to the stencil – you don’t want to soak it, so just a few sprays should suffice! Blot the area with a paper towel to avoid larger drops of bleach gathering. Instead of the bottle, you could use an old rag and delicately blot the color.

In about two minutes the bleach should change the color of the shirt. Repeat the whole procedure, until you’ll have the color you wanted. When you reach the desired color, peel up the stencil. Hang the shirt to dry, and if you notice crystallized bleach, remove it with a dry towel. Once it’s dry, give it a rinse in cold water.

Remember that if you play with bleach, you need to use protective gear like glasses, gloves. Don’t combine bleach with vinegar, and always ventilate your home during bleach DIY. If you sell cheap t shirts wholesale, inform your workers about the procedure.

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