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We all want to go to the gym once in a while – or we exercise at home. I used to think that a simple T-shirt and a pair of sweatpants were okay for exercising, but actually, I took a liking to gym clothes like leggings or shorts or leotards. I even considered buying wholesale tights just for the gym.

Tights or leggings are simply more comfortable. They hug your body, feel snug and are elastic. They’re very comfortable for sports where you need to move around a lot, stretch your body. You don’t risk getting tangled in a T-shirt or breaking your pants! Their biggest advantage is that they adjust to your size. Most gymnastic leotards seem smaller than other clothes, so it’s better to buy them one size up. And if you want to, you should try your leotard on before you buy it.

Most good gymnasts work hard and practice daily. That’s why you need a leotard that won’t rip off. I love good quality leotards and leggings because they’re very durable. In fact, I used a lot of leggings and I prefer buying leggings from the same producer – they need to be easy to switch into.

These days, I prefer clothes made of synthetic fabrics. They don’t absorb as much sweat so they will work out better for jogging. After the first workout I let them dry, then I wear them for the next one and I laundry them once per week. If my company would like to buy wholesale tights I’ll recommend spandex over cotton to my boss.

I also pay a lot of attention to how the gymnastic clothes look. I rather buy colorful, floral leggings than dark ones. And if I jog, I want a flashy shirt that will be visible from a distance… but I still want it to look pretty! If I wanted some more feminine style, I’d adorn them with badges, necklaces and the like. In reality I tend to avoid them in the indoor gym because they can get tangled in the equipment.

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