Visible panty lines

women's tights wholesaleA lot of ladies struggle with the problem of visible panty lines. Through thin tights and pantyhose, you can see thick panty lines seams. Many women dislike when the outline of a person’s underwear – good panties shouldn’t be seen or felt since underwear is still taboo. The simplest solution is, of course, not to wear clingy or transparent clothes; but sometimes they’re required or simply it’s too hot. Pants made from thicker fabrics like denim or tweed are obvious choices, but they might not look as sexy. Many ladies will consider buying women’s tights wholesale to protect themselves.

if you want to wear pants or dresses that cling to your bottom, avoid lightweight silky fabrics like jersey or silk. Stick to simple cotton, and if you can, use prints or textured fabrics. Loose harem pants can be made of lightweight material, but they will not show what underwear you’re exactly wearing now.

You can naturally add some layers to your outfit – a simple pair of tights or pantyhose should easily smooth out any lines in your costume. They won’t add much bulk to your look. Most boutiques source women’s tights wholesale to prevent VPLs. You can also try slipping an old-school slip under your dress. And it’s worth remembering that you need to run the skirt and the slip through the wire hanger to remove any static electricity. A full slip covers your entire torso, but there are also skirt or half-slips that cover only the butt and the upper legs.

And naturally, you can ditch your panties and replace them with a thong. They might be not that comfortable, at least they help you ditch the visible panty lines. Remember not to get too tight thongs since they will definitely be uncomfortable. Get them matched to your body. And if you don’t want thongs, you can also consider boy shorts. They provide full coverage and offer a much more seamless look. Shapewear can also help you in avoiding the unsightly panty lines.

And if everything else fails, you can also go commando. Remember to use clean pants when doing it, though!

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