How to become a fashion designer and save money…

t-shirts wholesale man-359045_1920Many people have tried to talk beginners into opening their own screen printing workshop on your t-shirts wholesale. In theory, it’s simple if you build your press yourself, but it might be too complicated. If you want to, you can start with generic heat transfer paper available in your hobby store. However, this is very bad quality. Immediately after the first wash the transfer will break, fade or smudge.

Imagine what your customers will think of that! Do you think that they will order such cheap prints in the future? Of course not. Avoid these cheap transfers like plague. Choose the plastisol screen-printed transfer paper instead! With plastisol transfers, a professional screen printer prints the design onto a special release paper. It  can later be used with a heat press to transfer the plastisol inks from the paper onto t-shirts wholesale. The procedure is the same as if with printing on textiles, the ink is more or less the same. It ensures high quality – and it’s quick to apply the ink!

For you, the costs are low and easy to make – you come up with the design, the printer prints it and sends you the sheet of paper. You can order any amount of shirts – and it takes only 10 seconds to press the image. You can produce about 50 shirts per hour!

What’s great is that you can transfer your designs not just on shirts – you can transfer your designs on hoodies, sweatpants, aprons, pillowcases. And there are many other kinds of presses – you can put your designs on mugs, puzzles or hats.

But this is somewhat dangerous – the printers who do this probably have their own designs, and they can supply your customers as well. Remember to have your own brand and identity for your T-shirts, and to have supplies of great quality t-shirts wholesale.

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