Mistakes you can’t afford to make…

For many owners of the boutiques or other fashionistas, there are many benefits coming from obtaining stock from clothing wholesalers. There are hundreds of them out there, and it’s not enough to choose one which ranks the highest in the search engines. In fact, there is a number of mistakes you can make when looking for a supplier of wholesale scarves.

wholesale scarvesWholesalers only

The biggest and most serious mistake you might want to avoid is shopping at wholesalers who sell also retail.  A lot of these wholesale stores often show up at the top of the rankings in a Google, Bing etc. search, and are very popular recently. Consider this – if your customer sees that this brand can be sold directly to him, next time he will order from them directly cutting the middle-man: you! Their wholesale scarves are cheaper and you will quickly become redundant. Instead, look for clothing wholesalers who have a minimum purchase requirement and only sell to people with licences, sending them in bulk.

Always check the business

Many companies and institutions moved a lot of their business online these days. But even a most modern responsive website does not mean that the company is reliable… or even exists. It’s easy to create a fake website and embezzle money from naive business people. That’s why you need to check the company in the local registry, ask on the opinions on them, or contact them directly.

Not Having A Licence

Many countries require some kind of license, certificate or another form of documentation proving you are a legitimate business before you purchase clothes from their site.  Sometimes, especially if you’re buying from another country, you might not have the necessary papers – or need to translate them at an extra cost. However, many wholesalers will let you purchase from them if you have evidence of invoices from previous transactions with other wholesalers. Try contacting them before, and settling on mutually beneficial conditions.

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