Who buys t shirts wholesale?

t shirts wholesale

Who buys t shirts wholesale? All sorts of people. A T-shirt is not just for wearing. In fact, it might be the one piece of clothing that’s often bought by various non-fashion related businesses. Retailers buy skirts, scarfs, suit jackets – but all sorts of people purchase t-shirts.

Clothing retailers are an obvious choice – or are they? In fact, many of them like to buy already customized T-shirts. Of course, there are dozens of people who would gladly buy a blank T-shirt. Perhaps they don’t want to advertise something and have to pay for it, or perhaps they think that without a print the shirt is more breathable. But nevertheless, I think that retail customers when given the choice between a shirt with or without print will select the former.

t shirts wholesaleA lot of customers of a t shirt wholesale business will be t-shirt companies. Sometimes they will be small garage brands ordering dozens or at best hundreds of t shirts wholesale, and quite rarely they will be larger companies. Sometimes they will source cheap T-shirts from the wholesaler, send them to the printer, and only create the patterns themselves.

Printing companies also aren’t large businesses. A lot of time they will be copy shops or photo companies that expanded their business – a DTG printer isn’t prohibitively expensive. It allows small companies to print directly on garments, even though it’s not as cost-effective as industrial methods.

Many companies that want to use the services of such printers will buy T-shirts for them to print on. Various businesses, churches, NGOs or even government offices might purchase t shirts wholesale to later print on them – or even use simple techniques to customize them on their own. One type of business you should target in particular are advertising agencies. While they might not order vast amounts of T-shirts to print on, they can be established repeat customers.

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