How to recognize good quality hoodie wholesale

hoodie wholesale

I have some experience with hoodies and printing on them over the past few years. And this made me learn about a couple of things on buying a hoodie wholesale. One thing that I have noticed is that “transfers” are becoming more and more popular on the market. They are easy to make, and look nice at first… But if you buy a hoodie wholesale with transferred prints, you should know a couple of things about it!

hoodie wholesaleTransfers are essentially an “iron-on”. This is something you can do in your living room: images printed from a computer printer and then a pressed on to apply the print to the sweatshirt. A lot of full-color images or photos are placed on hoodies this way. While they will look nice at first, they will quickly begin to fade, much faster than a screen printed hoodie. However, some people use heat press for plastisol printing and vinyl printing which are of much higher quality. You can always recognize a transfer print because of the thin film around it.

If you’re buying a hoodie wholesale with prints, remember that when the seller says something like “After you buy the sweatshirt, you’ll pick the size you want”. Why is that? Because they can simply press the image on any hoodie. When the hoodie is screen printed, the size will already be listed since the manufacturer has to print the hoodie in advance. Just ask about the method they use before you buy – and if it’s a transfer ask what exact method they use. There are many methods that can be called “transfer”.

Apart from the cheap print-on-paper, they could use plastisol transfer which uses the same dye the screen printers are using. Recently sublimation dye has become more popular – it involves high-quality photos, so you shouldn’t confuse it with transfer printing!

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