How to Care for Your Wool and Natural Fiber Scarves

wholesale scarvesEverybody loves scarves, especially in the cold winter.  The customers love their colorful woolen that keep them warm, the boutiques love selling scarves, and the producers love making wholesale scarves. But the real question is: how do you properly take care of your scarf? Well, start by determining what kind of wool is your scarf made of. It will help you washing it.  Real wool is often itchy, so many modern “wool” scarves are actually blends of wool and synthetic fibers. This is especially relevant when doing laundry: never wash a woolen scarf in hot water. There are dozens of wool-friendly detergents that will allow you to wash your clothes in cold water. If your machine has a “wool” setting, you should be fine. This is the same as “Gentle/Cold” setting.

It’s best if you don’t let the scarf float in your washing machine. Get a lingerie bag made especially for washing small items and other pieces you don’t want free-floating in the wash, like long tights.  If you don’t have one, just use a pillowcase secured with a safety pin. These should protect your scarves from tangling up. Every producer of wholesale scarves will recommend this way of doing laundry.

Of course, hand washing is always preferable for wool and silk scarves. Let them soak for a while in cold water, then swish them around to loosen any dirt. Add a soft detergent for wool, like Woolite or Cold Tide. Rinse it with cold water, adding some detergent until the water runs clean.

It’s best to dry your scarf by laying it flat on a dry towel. You can also drape it so that it’s drying from all its length. Never wring out your wool scarf, because you might damage the fibers. Instead, blot it with a large towel, and let the moist towel dry on its own.


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