How to effectively shop for jeans

wholesale jeans

When shopping for jeans you will see jeans that will look horrible on you, jeans that will look pretty okay, and jeans that will look great on your butt and legs! It’s not easy to find the best jeans but it’s doable if you shop at the right boutiques, that source wholesale jeans from the designer producers.

Do not expect that you have a “magic body”. Even if you happen to have great legs, not every cut, style or brand of jeans will fit you. Just lower your expectations and face the reality. When buying clothes you need to be brutally honest with yourself – that’s why it’s best to shop with a friend. I catch myself looking in the mirror and imagining how the jeans should look on me – not seeing how do they really look.

wholesale jeansIt’s no wonder that I try on dozens of jeans. I might even visit a warehouse to see the wholesale jeans there because I literally put on at least twenty pairs. And most of them won’t look good on me. I know, I’m not a typical lady, but I don’t give up and despair. There are brands that work great for me and this is apparently not one of them. I have a couple of great jeans, and I’m not letting a random trip to the mall ruin my self-image. Sure, I am not “beautiful”, but the fact that some random store doesn’t have pants for me doesn’t mean I’m some kind of mutant. If you know what I mean, I empathize.

My friend Oria knows her body, knows what flatters her assets, and she always has the right pair of jeans for every occasion… Because she spends most of her free time shopping for clothes or wholesale jeans. There were weeks she tried on dozens of pairs daily – and she bought only one pair. I can’t do it because I believe that there are cooler things than shopping… and so I am not the jean queen. When people see Oria they don’t know that she works hard to find these perfect jeans. They only see a beautiful woman that’s fashionably dressed.

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