Mullet skirts for me and you!

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Mullets were disgusting, like most of the 1980s. I really dislike this hairstyle… but I do like mullet skirts. A mullet was called “short in the front, long in the back” (with a moustache added), or “Czech footballer” where I lived… And a mullet skirt is also short in the front, longer in the back. They are quite versatile and can flatter any body type. They’re available from boutiques and producers of wholesale skirts.

wholesale skirtsThe mullet skirt can be worn in summer or winter, it looks lovely on a warm summer’s day, especially with a nice pair of flats or sandals. And in winter you can adopt a long skirt… and still be able to display a nice pair of colorful stockings or leggings. In fact, it will put more emphasis on your footwear, so it works great with a nice – but not too tall – pair of boots. The “high/low” cut works great on both evening dresses – they’re elegant and you can show some leg, but also relaxed enough to wear for casual outings.

Since this asymmetrical hemline accentuates the legs, shorter ladies can appear taller, but taller ladies can wear a longer asymmetrical skirt too. It is a bit like an inverted V-neck, it draws your attention upwards.

Whether you are heading out to a black tie event or simply running an errand around the town, a mullet skirt is a must-have item of clothing. It is a very versatile piece that puts a lot of emphasis on your shoes, so it works great when you want to display your legs or stockings as well. They’re available in all sorts of cuts, from mini, where the front hem reaches mid-thigh and the back is typically above the knee length – to long ones, where the front hem is above the ankle. There are dozens of fun mullet wholesale skirts available on the market!

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