Why T-shirts are closet chameleons!

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What I love about T-shirts is that they’re closet chameleons. A nice shirt can be simply something you toss on when walking your dog but you can dress it up with various accessories for that stunning style. The various manufacturers offer shirts wholesale in all sorts of colors, cuts, and sizes, so you are sure to find a couple of good quality shirts you can turn into dressy garments.

Certain pieces in your wardrobe can change even the most generic T-shirt. A good example is the leather jacket. Most ladies can rock a simple shirt with a nice top like that. You could go one step further and wear a T-shirt with the logo of your favorite band or a tough slogan. Of course, a basic T-shirt can pleasantly contrast with a biker jacket if it’s soft enough. The same applies to the denim jacket, in particular, distressed denim. Wear tough accessories like a trendy pair of shades or a vivid red bandana.

shirts wholesaleAnother nice top you could match well with generic shirts wholesale is a tailored blazer. This is a kind of a lightweight suit jacket that is less structured. You could wear a more toned, neutral blazer with a colorful striped T-shirt. Pair it with classy accessories like a nice simple black purse and conservative shoes, and you could take this style to the office.

You could try wearing a simple T-shirt with a pleated skirt – if it’s wide enough it adds a touch of class to any outfit. Put some emphasis on the skirt, whether with colors like vivid red or green, or luxurious fabric, like leather or silk. And wear a pair of nice tall heels to focus the attention on your legs and silhouette. The T-shirt will subsequently soften the feel of the vivid skirt.

You don’t have to splurge on button-down shirts. You can just take a couple of cheap shirts wholesale and can wear them with virtually anything in your closet!

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