How to start a cool new business with men’s jeans

mens wholesale jeans

It’s well known that both men’s and women’s fashion is a dog eat dog world. Whether you’re a famous designer or a boutique owner you need to rely on good partners. And one of the major problems is sourcing of mens wholesale jeans. It is a competitive category, so you want to get a good wholesale price for them, which is why the suppliers are crucial.

A lot of successful businesses moved to drop shipping – but the problem with consumer goods is that the extra drop shipping fees can increase the price of your products. You’ll have to make the cuts somewhere else. It’s best to buy your mens wholesale jeans from either a wholesaler, a liquidator, or better yet, directly from the manufacturer.

Often you don’t have to provide them with a registered company number. However, to qualify for their wholesale prices, most vendors of mens wholesale jeans require you to order a specific number of items. Often the more you order the less you pay per pair. Be sure that you will choose the minimal order size to get the retailer cut.

Take a look at the brands the supplier offers. Sure, brand X versions might be comfortable and look good – but it’s not what your customers will want. Quality also matters – ask for product samples or visit the warehouse or factory yourself. Get a pair in your own size so you could test them out yourself. Some suppliers actually price their samples higher than normally, just to discourage the frauds.

Remember that a good supplier has a wide variety of jeans in many different price ranges and style categories. You might want to focus on plus-size clothing? Okay, but why not also consider maternity jeans?

And finally take into consideration that the price isn’t everything. A good supplier of men’s wholesale jeans offers good quality above all. It’s better to pick solid jeans that won’t wash away or get torn after a week. mens wholesale jeans

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