How to dress if you’re a large lady

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We all want to be like the famous celebrities from the big screen… but what to do if we’re a couple of sizes bigger than them? Many people are now selling wholesale womens clothing in all sizes. I’m not the smallest girl myself, and I need to shop around if I wanted to dress well. In fact, I needed to reach adulthood and my late twenties to understand how shopping for clothes I predictably hated, hated shopping for clothes.

My default choice for this was a simple pair of trousers and a T-shirt. I couldn’t handle other pieces well. And I only needed to graduate and find a steady job to start actively look for wholesale womens clothing that’s my size and looks good.

wholesale womens clothingIf you’re a plus-sized woman like me, you probably want to look elegant and stunning! Remember, size is a number – and attractiveness is not a matter of number. You can feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. If you want to accentuate or hide certain areas of your body, like layers of fat, you can use the colors, styles, and patterns which will fit you.

A nice tip I learned is to pick another plus-sized friend, sometimes even going to a dressing room with her. I personally think it’s fun, and Blair can distract me from my complexes, giving me her opinions. I myself try to avoid saying things like “You’re fat” – instead I console her by saying “This store doesn’t sell all sizes and cuts of wholesale womens clothing.”

Luckily there’s a nice solution for all of plus-sized women. Tailored clothes. Instead of splurging on another jacket, invest in changes of your old ones. Don’t squeeze into too small clothes, perfectly tailored ones will command respect. Your favorite pantsuit needs to look and feel like it’s been made just for you. Instead of wholesale womens clothing invest in tailored cuts.

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