Blazers for curvier females and how to rock them

wholesale womens blazers

I’ve been there. I know. It can be hard for plus-sized ladies to discover clothes that are as fashionable and powerful as they deserve. Luckily, many designers of clothes like wholesale womens blazers are discovering the vast potential of the plus size market and started making beautiful work clothes for the curvier ladies. These voluptuous women still have to hunt for their clothes and need to consider many other options – particularly if we want to have a decent work wardrobe!

wholesale womens blazersIf you are a larger lady, you should build up your formal wardrobe with more modest clothes. Everyone needs some reliable, essential businesswear that can be worn for years and never goes out of fashion. Pick a nice white or grey blouse, and dress up. Have a couple of hard, edged wholesale womens blazers with clearly defined shoulders, and wear them. The plus-sized blazers shouldn’t make you stand out too much. Use neutral colours so you could wear them with everything… but red as a powerful, vivid color should not be underestimated. Other warm colours aren’t that much powerful… and few women could handle an orange pantsuit.

If you want to spend more money on your work costume, don’t spend too much on the brand names – you could get a couple of reasonably-priced wholesale womens blazers and instead have them tailored. A tailor can narrow the waist, widen the shoulder, and in general make a cheap blazer look like a model of elegance. It’s just like having a personal tailor… or at least a tailor.

Some blazers are simply more formal than others; you can wear a blazer not just for work, as long as you match it with a looser fitting garment. A blazer can go well with jeans, a dress, and you will look casual and professional at the same time.


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