How to dye your mens jeans black – and look good!

wholesale mens jeans

The stores are full of wholesale mens jeans and this is very popular. But you inevitably have a lot of jeans and want to reuse them. Sometimes you can distress them, but if want to restore that lustre to your trousers, you can try to dye. You could tie-dye them, or you could dye your jeans black. All you need is a little of black clothes dye and some hot, boiling water.

wholesale mens jeansPick an old pair of jeans to dye them – use your old splotchy pair, jeans from thrift stores or wholesale mens jeans. When preparing your jeans for dyeing, you need to realise that the black dye will obscure the tags – so you might want to cut them out and reattach them later. If your jeans are not blue, you should bleach them out before dyeing in a mixture of bleach with water for an hour. As always with the bleach, you need to remember: use the rubber and eye protection and use your bleach only in well-ventilated rooms or outdoors. Don’t add too much bleach, so that you won’t damage, so be wary. Rinse the bleached jeans in cold water, and wash them to make them lose the chlorine smell.

When they’re bright enough, you can dye them. The exact instruction is written on the bottle of the dye you’re going to use. Usually, a single bottle of dye would be enough to colour one pair of trousers. Heat the boiling water on your stove in a large pot (some dyes make the claim that it can be used in the washing machine, but it might be dangerous to use it). When the water is boiling, pour it in the old bucket, and add a cup or bottle (250 ml) of dye. Mix it with a wooden spoon, and throw the wholesale mens jeans in – use the spoon to submerge the jeans. Leave them in for an hour, stir them every ten minutes to dye them evenly. And then throw the water out, and keep rinsing the jeans with cold water until it runs clear. Rinse them again and wash in cold water with mild detergent. Remember to clean the machine after dyeing and never wash these jeans with other clothes again!


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