Sexy, lovely cashmere and how to buy it!

ladies wholesale clothing

Cashmere is great. Luckily you can find ladies wholesale clothing made of this goat wool, but not everyone is willing to lay down the money that this amazing fabric costs.

Luckily, if you’re a smart and careful shopper you’ll be able to find cheap ladies wholesale clothing everywhere. Online stores will probably be the best bet on price but there are some things to consider.

ladies wholesale clothingGo to a brick and mortar store and see the sweater in person first. You want to make your online purchase as hassle free as possible so make sure the brand you choose actually fits. If you want to sell ladies wholesale clothing consider the average size of your customers. That is to say, if you think you are a Small, make sure your brand thinks you are as well by trying it on. You also want to feel the “hand” of the material. That’s garment talk for the texture and quality of the cashmere.

All cashmere is not created equal. And all cashmere is not necessarily all cashmere. Often the cashmere ladies wholesale clothing is blended with wool or silk. Make sure you read the label so you know just what your sweater is made of.

Now that you know the brand and the quality you can start looking for deals. If you find the price you want you are half way home. Before you buy, check the return policy. Don’t get stuck with something you aren’t totally satisfied with.

Or here’s an interesting alternative. You know that properly cared for cashmere lasts a lifetime. Check out the thrift stores and see if you can find a vintage piece. The biggest thing to look for here is moth damage. Yes, it’s going to be old but it’s also cashmere and probably under $10.

So if you are a cashmere nut and you just have to have another sweater take heart. There are plenty of places that you can find outstanding  ladies wholesale clothing on sale. Just be smart about it and you’ll walk away from a great buy.


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