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Do you accept the popular fact that we lose most of our body heat through the head? As we all know it turns out that’s utterly wrong, like most of the weird and random things you’ve read on the internet. However, even if we don’t lose our heat, it’s still not wise to wear nothing on your head when it’s freezing out there (which is why many manufacturers offer hats wholesale).

The reality is that the human head loses the same amount of heat per square centimetre as any other part of the body. And since the human head it’s about 7% of the skin surface, it only accounts for 7% of your heat loss – maybe less if you take in account that you can have a thick mane of hair. But there are areas not covered by the head and not very well bloodied – the nose and lips, for instance.

hats wholesaleToday most of the ladies pick woollen hats wholesale for their winter weather needs. Wool (and cashmere) is typically a very durable and strong fabric, especially for the caps. Some hats can be machine-washed but some shouldn’t be, especially if they include sensitive materials, like paper, cardboard or sensitive details like beads, sequins or embroidery. Sometimes, these will work best when given a gentle sponge wash. In general, however, these hats wholesale are very comfortable when you wear them. For many ladies, a plain wool hat is all that they want because one can wear it anywhere in the winter.

Look for the brands of the hats wholesale available in the market. The suppliers typically have a wide-ranging choice of caps which will suit your personality and fashion style. Remember about the shape of your head and other elements of style: for instance, if you are a redhead, do not choose a pink or blue hat.

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