Cardigan or cashmere sweaters – the perfect gift?

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Are you going to buy some gifts for your boyfriend, husband, brother or father? Regardless if the occasion is a birthday or some other events consider giving him a nice cashmere pullover or sweater. Unless your man is a connoisseur of the finer things in life it is likely he would never purchase a cashmere sweater for himself. Not only are cashmere wholesale sweaters expensive, some men find them also too fancy. This is why it takes a lady with an eye for style to dress her man up in this indulgent natural fabric.

wholesale sweatersCashmere comes from the undercoat of certain goats often bred in China. The fine fabric is delicately picked from the other hair. It can take the hair of four or five goats to create one sweater. That’s why wholesale sweaters made of cashmere are seldom encountered in warehouses. The wool is warmer yet lighter than sheep wool and very soft and silky to the touch. For these reasons and others, cashmere is expensive. The price is yet another reason many men won’t treat themselves with a sweater made from cashmere. Before you hit the stores at the mall or online, there are some tips that can help you pick the perfect item.

First, consider the qualities and preferences of the man you are buying the gift for. If he does not usually wear a short-sleeved sweater, don’t get him one. Some men tend to avoid buying wholesale sweaters altogether and wear a casual outfit of thermal tops, T-shirts and warm sweatshirts during the winter. For these men, you should choose a simple sweater in a neutral hue like black or charcoal. He can wear it with jeans or trousers on its own, or give it a trendy edge by layering it with a collared shirt underneath or a matched T-shirt on top.


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