Way to Making Custom T Shirt

In making your T-shirt designs, there are some basic steps you can do in order for you to achieve the awesome and unique style you want.

First, plan and choose your design. Your T-shirt design must represent something you really want. It may be your favorite band, anime character, abstract arts, motto or logo you believe in, or an advertising for a company you are working for. The idea of your design will actually determine and help you in the designing process. You may consider using stock photos from the Internet or your personal photos as your design, depending on your needs and preferences.

Second, pick your color scheme. When designing your T-shirt, it is important to think about the color combination and contrast. You should think how certain ink colors in your design will appear against a dark or light-colored shirt. Certain ink colors may look different on the computer screen vs when they’re actually printed.

Third, use lines, shapes, and textures properly. When designing a shirt, it is important to consider the strokes, figures, and surface quality. Lines, shapes, and textures are the things that will make your t-shirt design awesome, stylish, and unique so learn to use and combine these elements properly.

Fourth, check the composition of your design. You should look on the combination of all of the elements you used on your design. It is important to determine the proper position of the design on your shirt. Check whether there are dull or over decorated parts on the shirt. You should think how the elements used can fit well together. Your design should be balanced so that it can easily get the attention of the viewer.

And the final step is to be creative and imaginative. This is the main step in doing custom t-shirt designs. You may check out the latest trends or designs online and be inspired to make better designs out of those trends. You may also try different color combinations that suit your fashion taste. Also, you may try to sketch out your ideas of your designs and try to have second opinion coming from your family, friends, or even your coworkers. Asking what they like the most may help you to construct more awesome designs for your shirts.