The Short Sleeve Shirt

The Fit

As with all shirts, the ones with short sleeves also must be worn with the right fit. Since shirts aren’t made of naturally stretchy fabrics, unlike t-shirts or polos, their fit must be correct to your body shape and type to ensure a great look. To begin with, the shoulder seams should sit on or slightly above the edge of your shoulders. The buttons should be comfortably buttoned with no bunching or stretching in the middle. Mind the sleeves too, making sure they fit snugly around your arms and don’t stand up in an angle.

The Colour

Unlike what you may think, colours do play a major role in determining how you look in a certain piece of clothing. Men’s fashion short sleeve shirts in lighter colours will look good on a person with dark or medium skin tone, but will make a pale-skinned person look washed out. White and black work well on almost everyone, as do navy blue or chambray. Do remember that whatever colour you choose has to coordinate with the rest of your outfit. If you’re unsure about the colour, as the salesperson or take someone along to help you choose.

The Print

It’s natural to become overwhelmed with the huge range of prints short sleeve shirts are available in. If you’re unsure of prints, it is best to avoid them altogether and go for stripes and plaids. As with the colour, the prints should also be in a hue that suits your skin tone. An important thing to remember is to keep your pants plain when you’re going for a printed shirt.

The Collar

There are basically three types of shirt collars: the button down collar, the point collar, and the convertible collar. The button down collar is the most versatile of the lot, and can be worn both open and buttoned up, as in men’s formal short sleeve shirts. The point collar should always be worn with a buttoned-up shirt, since it’s soft and tends to move around the place. The convertible collar, typical to Hawaiian shirts, is meant to be worn unbuttoned and has a retro vibe to it.

The Cut

The shape of the shirt determines how well it fits you. Shirts that have a boxed fit with a squared bottom have to be worn with a slim fit. When your shirt has a loose, relaxed fit, your bottoms too should have a relaxed fit to make a well-rounded shape.