Wearing a Palazzo

Palazzos can be used to bring about different looks for different occasions. It can be worn with off shoulders or a spheggiti for a breezy outing with your friends. For a more traditional look, we can team Pakistani suits with palazzo pants. If you are not interested in plain pants, you can choose printed palazzos and team them with plain tops. A single coloured Palazzo is better as there are a lot of options for tops to be paired with it. Suits nowadays are mostly teamed with palazzos to give a different yet classy look. Normal kurtis or long kurtis with the centre slit are mostly teamed with palazzos. Heavy embroidery suits are also worn with Palazzos so that, they look grand as well as modern.

Modern girls find it difficult to carry themselves in a traditional suit because they are a lot more used to the comfortable western clothes. The plus point of western clothes is that they are breezy and light. Indian clothes are heavy with work and the material of the dress often suffocates us. This is where Palazzo comes in. It gives you the comfort of a western dress but it can be modified into Indian pattern as well. You can attend a wedding in mid-summer wearing these pants and a Pakistani embroidery suit, thus making yourself and your relatives happy.

These pants have such wide legs that I remember the divided skirt I used to wear when I was small. Palazzo pants can be easily mistaken to long skirts and I feel it makes it much cooler. The waistband of the Palazzo pants can be of types, either broad or narrow. The broadband pants with prints can be easily faked as long skirts. A funky belt can be work to make the pant look even more desirable. As the pants are really loose and flowy, the tops should be chosen carefully. Shrugs and full sleeved tops are to be totally avoided. The top should be a perfect fit, as it will help in enhancing the entire look. Sleeveless or mega sleeve suits are widely preferred. Crop tops paired with Palazzo pants and pumps can make the best outfit for a classy dinner date. Ankle length Palazzo pants in black are also fast growing in the formal clothing section. Palazzos are traditional and trendy as per the needs.