Types of Pants Woman

Jeans – The very first thing that comes to our minds when we say ‘pants’ is a pair of supremely comfortable, adaptable and forever popular pair of jeans. Having a pair of basic jeans in either a dark or light shade is the perfect outfit for most occasions. Throw in a cute casual t-shirt over your jeans and you’re sorted to go for brunch. Pair your denim jeans with a dressy top and going out for drinks with the girls becomes way more enjoyable. Basically, if you’re the kind of person who hates having too many pairs of clothes (do such people actually exist!), investing in a classy pair of quality jeans instantly relives you from a lot of style pressure.

Lounge Pants – Perfect for when you’re planning on lazing around or ‘lounging’ around, these pants are the perfect mix of comfortable and fashionable. The best thing about lounge pants is that you can wear them on shopping days, road trips, impromptu brunch dates or literally anywhere else that you need to look amazing while still feeling comfortable.

Trousers – A pair of well-fitting trousers is the gateway to nailing ‘formal chic’ and we believe that there is a lot more to the humble trouser than just getting to be your cubicle buddy. Women’s wear online shopping has left us spoilt for choice when it comes to trousers and you’ll certainly find numerous styles, patterns and even prints.

Chinos – The lighter cousin of jeans, chinos are the most ideal kind of pants for summer. The best part about Chinos is that depending on how you style them, they end up looking casual or formal. Even if you pair them with a simple t-shirt, they still look elegant and classy. If you don’t already own a pair of chinos, get yourself a pair the next time you shop for Pants for women online shopping

Ankle Length pants – Cropped trousers or trousers that end at your ankles are thought of as a trend that has died down. However, that’s not true in the slightest. Flattering most body types, ankle length pants are very versatile and can be worn for both formal and casual events. This is why the average Women’s fashion clothing brand online has started including ankle length pants as part of its collection.

Pallazos – One of the most common and trendy pant styles right now is the ‘pallazo’. Women Clothing wear Online shopping sites are now offering pallazos as widely as jeans, chinos and trousers. Not only are pallazos a tad bit more feminine, but they also end up making it look like you’ve put in more effort in choosing your outfit.

Leggings – The first thought that crops to most minds when we say ‘leggings’ is the pair you wear at home while lounging on the couch. However, there are those pairs that can be worn outside and that make you look incredibly sexy. Apart from the fact that leggings happen to be very comfortable, they also give you a slightly more body-conscious look that is perfect for when you have a fancy date but don’t want to be uncomfortable. Go for a pair of ankle-length boots, a cute top and maybe a coat that ends just short of your knee and your perfect winter outfit is all ready to go.

Bold/Bright Colored Pants – If you’re one of the spunky ones who simply love making a statement with their wardrobe choices, bright colored pants are your best bet. This Women’s casual western wear staple has become the easiest option when you’re looking at drawing eyes to yourself but do not want to look tacky or garish either. The key while choosing a flattering color is to keep your skin tone in mind and to remember where you are going to wear your pants. Going for a pastel green pair or even a nice deep red for a formal event shouldn’t be a problem, but if you’re going to invest in neon pink ones we’re silently judging you (as is everybody else).

Capris – These are the perfect pair for when you’re looking to channel the summer vibe but keep it a little conservative. Capris can be paired with flowy tops, short kurtas, crop tops, racerbacks and practically anything else your creativity can come up with.

Party Pants – While you can certainly wear most pants to a party, there are some pairs of pants that cannot be worn anywhere other than to a party. We’re talking about the leather pants and the ones with sequins or rhinestones – the kind that if you wore anywhere other than a party, would end up in disaster. Well, every woman should have one of these eye-catching pairs that just let the world get a peek into her wild side.

Mom Jeans – ‘Mom Jeans’ are the kind of high waist jeans that became a staple of the average 90s wardrobe and quickly gained favor with moms. They are incredibly comfortable and paired with the right tops, look incredibly cool. Don’t believe us?