Bootcut Leggings

Every day there are more and more new styles of jeans and trousers and it seems very easy to get lost in those. This may be the reason why we stick to the same cuts year after year and don’t feel like trying something else. Our good old straight leg jeans or black bootcut jeans for women look like a safe harbor that will always keep us safe and good-looking.

But is it really that difficult to discover something new and exciting in the ever changing sea of jeans? Isn’t finding new exciting trend, which in addition looks great on you, worth some of your time and effort? Just have a look at what is on the market today – for sure it has something to offer to everyone.

A perfect pair of jeans needs to combine two things – comfort and good look. Some styles are well fitting and sitting but too demanding in terms of convenience like classic denim bootcut jeans. Others seem to be invisible but don’t really flatter our bodies, like leggings. Why didn’t the designers think of something in between? Well, they did. Very high in demand today is the hybrid of classic bootcut jeans and leggings or jeggings – boot cut leggings.

These pants have a really tight fitting leg from the hip down (though not as leg hugging as skinny jeans) but they do not finish right at the ankle. They go on in the same width and create a nice looking hem over the shoe. This makes bootcut leggings for women a wonderful option for those who think that ankle long and tight inseam makes their legs look shorter or fuller. What is the difference with ordinary tight fitting bootcut jeans? It’s the fabric – boot cut leggings are made of materials with higher percent of elastane. This makes them super comfy. They have the magic ability to flatten your stomach (if we talk about high rise) and to soften the shape. Simply saying they make legs longer, bellies flatter and hips rounder. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

But even the most gorgeous pair of bootcut leggings for women can be ruined by the wrong partner. Do not treat them as yoga pants, matching with obviously sporty partners. The hem of these pants brings them more to the elegant side so it is better to try different combinations with shirts, longer tops etc. The upper part of the jeans does not usually have a zip or buttons, thus don’t tuck the top in. You can try different kinds of shirts, worn over the jeans and combined with middle length jackets and blazers. The best shoes for boot cut leggings are definitely all the heeled varieties. Try matching dark pants with heavy ankle boots in the colder seasons and lighter denim washes with playful strappy wedges in the summer. Whatever look you’ll go for there is no doubt that the result will look fresh and stunning.