Ways to Style Cat T-shirt

1. With shorts

Try the kitty tees with either your short skirt or high-waist short pants. Tuck the t-shirts and accessorize the entire look in a subtle way. A simple looking watch and bracelet, along with cute earrings can do the magic for you. The tucked style can make your legs look long. However, be careful while choosing the color. The combination should be contrasting. If the shirt is of light color, then, trouser should be dark colored and vice-versa. Even a plain legwear can give a perfect look with the funky t-shirt.

2. Loose tee with tight legging

The combination of loose and tight is becoming increasingly popular these days. The loose cat t-shirt with a fitting leggings will give an exceptionally good look. The trendy look will be perfectly complemented by the kitty printed right in front of the t-shirt. Heels look best with this outfit, but you can even go for flats. You need not bother much about the accessories, if you attire is stylish to this extent.

3. Jacket

A funky looking t-shirt, tucked in with a trouser and paired with a jacket can give a super stylish look. The folded sleeves of the jacket with the feline print right in the center will help you create the best ever style statement. The fitting of your coat should be perfect. Keep it’s button open form the front, so that, the kitty print is visible. This outfit can even serve the function of semi-formals.

4. Paired with scarf

No matter what combination you are taking with your cat t-shirt, don’t forget to add a scarf to your look. A trendy scarf coupled with any outfit can add a dash of glamour to the look. Pair it with your shorts or jacket and it will set you ready to be the center of attraction at any event.