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Accessory Ideas for Occasions

Beads with watches

If you thought that your wrist could only wear a watch or a bracelet, but not both at the same time, think again. Men are reinventing their accessory line in different ways. You could try the bead bracelets that have come into fashion in different forms. There is thin, black, unpolished single line of beads that would work well with a chunky watch. If you have guinea coins adorning the bracelets or other metal pieces that would also lend a quirky look and feel in your hand and attire as well. With a thin beaded bracelet you can carry off a formal wear look that would not violate any standard norms of executive fashion.

Leather and metal combination

The other option besides the bead bracelets is to try the leather and metal option. There are many bracelet designs for men, which come in leather as well as leather brands which have metal attachments that look great and offer a rough look to complete your masculine aura. It might be difficult to carry off a chunky leather and metal bracelet with formal wear but it can be a great alternative to a watch. Try it sometime with semi formal wear, though it is standard to try this look with denims or other kinds of casual attire.

Chains and links

Most men love bracelets that come in chunky links or a chain like designs. Metallic bracelets with such designs are popular and work well with casual wear. Today, many men love to layer it up. Hence, with thin metallic bracelets alternated with bands of leather or beaded forms, it would surely work well for a denim or casual wear. Try these accessories with winter wear as well to give relief to a heavy, jacketed look. With your hands adorned with men bead bracelets along with metal or leather bracelets, you are sure to draw attention to your hands and with good reason.

Handbags and Purses Designed by Furla

The wide variety exclusive of handbags and purses designed by Furla is discussed below.

Crossbody bags: These bags crafted in leather feature an adjustable shoulder strap and are available in a lot of colors as well as varieties. Some of these even have removable shoulder straps. Use them with your denims or party dress, it is capable of adding style in all of them. They suit too well with formal wear, and are perfect for casual looks.

Hobo: The Furla Hobo bags are of one of their kind. These Hobo bags come with additional feature of magnetic closure and protective feet. This trendy collection is appropriate for the use of any age group of women. They look great and come in different colors and styles which are perfect for different occasions.

Shoulder Bags: These are the best bags for office and formal use. Stylish looks and elegant colors can complement the formal look and can take it to perfection. These bags provide you enough room to keep your essential items like wallet, make up kit etc. However, they are not bulky and will perfectly complement the office attire.

Satchel Bags: Satchel bags are fairly a new design and a very common piece. Its uniqueness can provide an edge to your look over the others in party. They have detachable straps that even allow you to carry it across your shoulder.

Tote bags: Tote bags can serve all the purposes of a girl. If you are going for a trip to the beach town or you are going to the fun street shopping with your friends; you can take your tote along with you anywhere. You can stuff all your thing in these and still make a style statement in your friend circle. This is one of the most trending bag styles in women fashion.

Wallets: The tiny bags can be a huge trend in coming time. The Furla collection of wallets is very classy and provides enough space, with three open pockets to keep your cards and money. You need not take any purse with you if you have these handbags with you.

Every women needs to have these classy, stylish and comfortable bags in their collection. Enlighten your fashion sense with these purses and handbags, find your style and choose any one of them.

Wearing Salwar Suit

The initially salwar suit was general in the northern India state Punjab and Haryana; it included part of Punjab that is in Pakistan today. This traditional dress is worn by women and girls through their style and cuts are very different from the other dresses. In addition, the style of salwar suits worn in Punjab is cut differently to styles worn in Afghanistan and Balochistan is known as “Punjabi suits” or “Patiala salwar suits”.

In Punjabi salwar kameez, salwar is cut straight and gathered at the ankle with a loose belt reinforced with coarse fabric and kameez is cut flat and straight with side slits. The use of slit in kameez cutting line can be traced to the 11th century and is very similar to the modern straight cut kameez worn by women today. The Punjabi salwar kameez or thePatiala salwar kameez emerged as mainstream fashion clothing in 1980 and during the first part of the 21st century, when it began to wear on the streets and in parades in London and Paris. He became a rage when the fashion leaders like Princess Diana, Duchess of Wales and Cherry Blair, wife of British Prime Minister Tony Blair wore.

Punjabi Salwar Kameez in the West

The salwar kameez is worn by women across racial and ethnic lines in many parts of the world that migrant from Punjab in India and Pakistan continue to move to different places in the world with their culture and clothing. Black ladies in London were among the first to adopt these salwar kameez, long before they were worn by fashion icons and upper-class Britain and continue to this day to wear these Punjabi suits because of their comfort and wear ability whole season. However, in this complex world of fashion and culture change, the real heroes keep Punjabi suits alive are elderly Punjabi women that despite cultural and racial chances continued to wear their salwar kameez classic and actually promoting these proceedings for their next generation.

Wearing a Palazzo

Palazzos can be used to bring about different looks for different occasions. It can be worn with off shoulders or a spheggiti for a breezy outing with your friends. For a more traditional look, we can team Pakistani suits with palazzo pants. If you are not interested in plain pants, you can choose printed palazzos and team them with plain tops. A single coloured Palazzo is better as there are a lot of options for tops to be paired with it. Suits nowadays are mostly teamed with palazzos to give a different yet classy look. Normal kurtis or long kurtis with the centre slit are mostly teamed with palazzos. Heavy embroidery suits are also worn with Palazzos so that, they look grand as well as modern.

Modern girls find it difficult to carry themselves in a traditional suit because they are a lot more used to the comfortable western clothes. The plus point of western clothes is that they are breezy and light. Indian clothes are heavy with work and the material of the dress often suffocates us. This is where Palazzo comes in. It gives you the comfort of a western dress but it can be modified into Indian pattern as well. You can attend a wedding in mid-summer wearing these pants and a Pakistani embroidery suit, thus making yourself and your relatives happy.

These pants have such wide legs that I remember the divided skirt I used to wear when I was small. Palazzo pants can be easily mistaken to long skirts and I feel it makes it much cooler. The waistband of the Palazzo pants can be of types, either broad or narrow. The broadband pants with prints can be easily faked as long skirts. A funky belt can be work to make the pant look even more desirable. As the pants are really loose and flowy, the tops should be chosen carefully. Shrugs and full sleeved tops are to be totally avoided. The top should be a perfect fit, as it will help in enhancing the entire look. Sleeveless or mega sleeve suits are widely preferred. Crop tops paired with Palazzo pants and pumps can make the best outfit for a classy dinner date. Ankle length Palazzo pants in black are also fast growing in the formal clothing section. Palazzos are traditional and trendy as per the needs.

The Short Sleeve Shirt

The Fit

As with all shirts, the ones with short sleeves also must be worn with the right fit. Since shirts aren’t made of naturally stretchy fabrics, unlike t-shirts or polos, their fit must be correct to your body shape and type to ensure a great look. To begin with, the shoulder seams should sit on or slightly above the edge of your shoulders. The buttons should be comfortably buttoned with no bunching or stretching in the middle. Mind the sleeves too, making sure they fit snugly around your arms and don’t stand up in an angle.

The Colour

Unlike what you may think, colours do play a major role in determining how you look in a certain piece of clothing. Men’s fashion short sleeve shirts in lighter colours will look good on a person with dark or medium skin tone, but will make a pale-skinned person look washed out. White and black work well on almost everyone, as do navy blue or chambray. Do remember that whatever colour you choose has to coordinate with the rest of your outfit. If you’re unsure about the colour, as the salesperson or take someone along to help you choose.

The Print

It’s natural to become overwhelmed with the huge range of prints short sleeve shirts are available in. If you’re unsure of prints, it is best to avoid them altogether and go for stripes and plaids. As with the colour, the prints should also be in a hue that suits your skin tone. An important thing to remember is to keep your pants plain when you’re going for a printed shirt.

The Collar

There are basically three types of shirt collars: the button down collar, the point collar, and the convertible collar. The button down collar is the most versatile of the lot, and can be worn both open and buttoned up, as in men’s formal short sleeve shirts. The point collar should always be worn with a buttoned-up shirt, since it’s soft and tends to move around the place. The convertible collar, typical to Hawaiian shirts, is meant to be worn unbuttoned and has a retro vibe to it.

The Cut

The shape of the shirt determines how well it fits you. Shirts that have a boxed fit with a squared bottom have to be worn with a slim fit. When your shirt has a loose, relaxed fit, your bottoms too should have a relaxed fit to make a well-rounded shape.

Hooded T-shirts for Men & Women

Hooded T-shirts are always in trend because of the beautiful combination that they present. The sweatshirts are combined exquisitely with a high level of comfort and style. This fashionable wear is in trend for many years together and is one such clothing item that will never go out of style for many more years. Thus, if you are looking for a casual dress to wear it to your office or college, the sweatshirts with hoods will make a perfect fit for your requirements.

The hooded T-shirts are looked up more as a college or school level clothing, what with so many universities and high schools printing their names with pride. Although the sweatshirts are considered more as youth clothing, they have entered the offices and corporate sector too, with their style and unique comfort level. Today, we also see several office goers preferring to wear these casual wear as their go-anywhere outfit and also for their Saturday sojourn at the office.

Thus, all in all, hooded T-shirts are a craze these days and have been made more popular with splendid designs that the manufacturers have thought to display on them. If you browse the net today, you will find countless sweatshirt stores selling exquisitely designed sweatshirts in various hues. The simplicity of their appearance combined with the stylish look makes you want to buy a handful of them to enrich your wardrobe.

Although the sweatshirts are famous for their all-weather look, the hoods give an extra zing to them. With the hood hanging at the back or pulled up on your head, you can accomplish several things at one go. You can create a style statement, save yourself from extreme weather conditions and also can save those extra bucks you need to spend on winter wear. Since sweatshirts, with hood, can double up as winter wear too, you need not look for anything special to go with, on a cold, windy day, but just your t-shirt with hood, and you, braving the weather to reach your destination.

Thus, sweatshirts with hoods are in fashion now, and for always. There are designs to suit all age, groups. You can find a sober looking sweatshirt to double up as an office casual wear, or a bright one, for those lovely weekend outings. Anything you prefer is available in the market today. There are bespoke clothing’s too, to make the matters easier for sweatshirt lovers, which can customize your sweatshirts with respect to colors, designs and what not.

Types of Clothing Fabrics

To list all the types of fabrics there are in the world would fill up pages and pages. But here is a select sample of the common ones, with a few exotic types thrown in.

  1. Cotton is derived from the fiber of the tropical cotton plant. When the cotton flowers bloom and die, a boll remains which ripens and splits open to reveal a white, fluffy interior with seeds – this is the raw cotton. Cotton is the most widely used fabric and is the basis of over 30 types of textiles.
  2. Blends are a general description of fabrics made of two or more fibers. The idea is to incorporate the distinct characteristics of the separate fibers into one textile.
  3. Denim is a type of cotton fabric woven in such a way that the threads produce that distinctive diagonal ribbing on the underside of the fabric. Traditionally it was dyed blue and the first denim trousers were made in Genoa, Italy. Both the words ‘denim’ and ‘jeans’ are of French origin.
  4. Chiffon is a very sheer, light fabric made out of silk, cotton or synthetic fibers. The twist in the fibers gives it a somewhat rough feel, and the mesh-like weave contributes to its see through properties.
  5. Georgette is a type of silk fabric, although today synthetic georgettes are also produced. It’s light, crinkly, slightly rough feel is what it’s known for, plus the range of colors it is dyed in.
  6. Wool is a natural protein fiber derived from the hair and fur of different animals including sheep and goats. The fibers are shorter than those of silk and generally form a looser weave.

Fabrics are either woven or knitted, and can be made from animal fibers (wool and silk), plant fibers (cotton and linen) or man-made fibers (nylon). Knitted fabrics are more stretchy than woven ones. Various other types of clothing can prove fruitful for different knitting and stitching projects or for creating ready stock apparels.

Ways to wearing The Oxford Shirt

Here are eight fresh ways to wear The Oxford shirt.

For the office

Work is one of the most important places where the Oxford shirt is regularly worn. Since the office requires a formal dress code, you could easily create a stylish look by pairing an Oxford in a muted hue with well fitted straight leg trousers. Colour coordinating the shirt and the tie is a good way to stand out. If it’s a check shirt choose the tie in the dominant colour.

The Relaxed Look

This look works well both for casual Fridays in office and for the days when you have a special occasion to attend after work. Team an Oxford shirt, with rolled sleeves, with a pair of khakis, and polish the look with a pair of brogues. Add a statement belt to the outfit to make it simple yet stylish enough to grab attention.

The date look

Smart-casual outfits come out well with an Oxford shirt. If you’re tired of the same old casual outfits for a date, spruce up your look with men’s Oxford shirts online, paired with dark hued straight fit chinos, and a smart blazer. Nothing makes a guy manlier than a sleek, sharp blazer, so choose one carefully and coordinate the colour well with the pants.

The Ivy League Look

Oxford shirts for men can be used to create a retro, collegiate statement. The easiest way to do this is by wearing a light knit sweater over an Oxford shirt tucked into a pair of dark wash slim-fit jeans. The sweater can be either full sleeved or sleeveless, but must be colour coordinated with the shirt. Want to channel the nerdy look? Get a pair of nerd glasses to accessorize the outfit.

The Summery Look

Oxfords shirts are light and comfy, perfect for the sultry summer months. A simple look, like a pair of light wash jeans with a short sleeve Oxford shirt, can be a real eyecatcher. Play around with colours, stripes, and checks, and don’t forget to accessorize with cool shades, watch, belt, and shoes. You may also throw in a bracelet to the mix for some added edge.

A simple but stylish piece of clothing, the Oxford shirt can take your look from one high to another when worn right. Feel free to experiment to come up with your own styles!

Way to Making Custom T Shirt

In making your T-shirt designs, there are some basic steps you can do in order for you to achieve the awesome and unique style you want.

First, plan and choose your design. Your T-shirt design must represent something you really want. It may be your favorite band, anime character, abstract arts, motto or logo you believe in, or an advertising for a company you are working for. The idea of your design will actually determine and help you in the designing process. You may consider using stock photos from the Internet or your personal photos as your design, depending on your needs and preferences.

Second, pick your color scheme. When designing your T-shirt, it is important to think about the color combination and contrast. You should think how certain ink colors in your design will appear against a dark or light-colored shirt. Certain ink colors may look different on the computer screen vs when they’re actually printed.

Third, use lines, shapes, and textures properly. When designing a shirt, it is important to consider the strokes, figures, and surface quality. Lines, shapes, and textures are the things that will make your t-shirt design awesome, stylish, and unique so learn to use and combine these elements properly.

Fourth, check the composition of your design. You should look on the combination of all of the elements you used on your design. It is important to determine the proper position of the design on your shirt. Check whether there are dull or over decorated parts on the shirt. You should think how the elements used can fit well together. Your design should be balanced so that it can easily get the attention of the viewer.

And the final step is to be creative and imaginative. This is the main step in doing custom t-shirt designs. You may check out the latest trends or designs online and be inspired to make better designs out of those trends. You may also try different color combinations that suit your fashion taste. Also, you may try to sketch out your ideas of your designs and try to have second opinion coming from your family, friends, or even your coworkers. Asking what they like the most may help you to construct more awesome designs for your shirts.

Men’s Business Casual Wear

Shirts – While they are considered to be a staple in the business formal department, shirts also take the cake for easily transitioning to the business casual side of the wardrobe. While you’ve mostly shied away from printed or slightly quirky colored shirts, a more casual wardrobe at work definitely give you the freedom to dip into this category. However, if you are opting for a shirt that’s in a bold color, balance your look with a more conventional colored bottom and sensible shoes. You can buy printed shirts for men online and there are even men’s poplin shirts and interesting men’s cotton printed shirts that you can experiment with.

T-shirts – We personally are in love with the comfort factor of a well-fitting t-shirt and it helps that you can buy shirts for men online India so easily. The thing with business casual attire is that as long as you look well-put together and are smartly dressed without going overboard, anything you can carry off may pass – t-shirts included. Unless it is casual Friday at work, don’t pair your t-shirts with ripped jeans and sneakers. Play it smart by combining your t-shirt with chinos or trousers and maybe throw in a blazer if you’d like to turn it up a notch. Steer clear of message tees or ones that have lots graphic designs unless you’re looking to be mistaken for an intern on his first day.

Bottom Wear – While choosing bottom wear for a business casual wardrobe may seem like a challenge, we assure you that it’s not such a big deal. Trousers, Chinos, Khakis and even Dress pants get the green signal but we’d steer clear of ripped jeans, leather pants and any other such items of clothing that may come across as unprofessional. Remember that less is more when it comes to business casuals and that while pairing your bottom wear with top wear, always stick to outfits that are clean, sharp and uncomplicated. We personally recommend that you buy bottom wear for men online from stores like London Bee to ensure the finest quality and the most contemporary styles.

Jackets – Who doesn’t love a man wearing a well-fitted jacket? While well-fitting blazers get a big nod from us when paired with sensible pants and a sober shirt, you’d be well advised to stay away from hoodies. Leather jackets paired with black or nay blue pants and a single colored shirt or t-shirt work superbly. Even denim jackets that are not very ‘in-your-face’ and that are clean cut can be thrown over your work outfit on a Friday. As long as your jacket is not too flashy, gaudy or in any way inappropriate to wear in a business setting, you’re good to go.

Accessories – Accessories are hands down the best part about business casual dressing. While you do get a wide berth to experiment and try new things, word to the wise – stay clear of anything that may make you seem unprofessional or shoddy. This means a strict no to ‘bling’. However, when it comes to ties and pocket squares, you have complete freedom to experiment with colors, pattern and in case of ties, you can even try out different knots. Another often overlooked aspect of dressing is the socks you wear. Most men don’t think twice about socks but they definite are a good option to inject a little quirkiness into your look. Even scarves are a huge part of men’s fashion online and seeing how versatile they are, they can be incorporated into your work wardrobe seamlessly.